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    5 Best Vlogging Cameras in 2020 for Beginners and Pros

    Below is our curated list of the 5 best vlogging cameras you could purchase in 2019. Each of the vlogging cameras was evaluated based on three criteria – image quality, functionality, and price.

    Canon 90D

    The Canon 90D vlogging camera is one of my favourites! For the price it does just about everything a beginner may need. I highly recommend this one. The image quality is superb when compared to the three Canon models we review here. In fact, we believe it has the best image quality of the three Canon vlogging cameras in this article. This camera loses out on the price factor. It is a bit more expensive than the Canon SL3 (reviewed next) and bulkier than the M50. Yet, we still believe the Canon 90D is a solid choice for any aspiring vlogger or photographer.

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    canon vlogging cameras

    Sony ZV-1

    Our second place vlogging camera is by Sony ZV-1. The Sony ZV-1 produces the best image quality of the five on this list. However, it falls short on price. The Sony ZV-1 is the most expensive on our list of vlogging cameras. In terms of functionality, the Sony ZV-1 falls short here as well when compared to Canon, but not by much. Overall, we believe the image quality makes up for the few drawbacks it carries.

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    Sony vlogging cameras

    Canon M50

    The Canon M50 vlogging camera is quite good for what its capable of. In terms of image quality, although the Canon M50 produces great videos, it performed the worst from this list of vlogging cameras. However, in terms of functionality, Canon performs better in this criteria then Sony cameras in general. But, if you are going to use this vlogging camera primarily for vlogging, it’s quite bulky in comparison to the Sony Alpha vlogging cameras available. Why it made it to the list is because of its price. It is the second least expensive option from our list.

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    Canon SL3

    This brings us to the Canon SL3 vlogging camera. We highly recommend this to a beginner vlogger. The price is solid, the image quality is slightly worse than the Canon 90D, however, it is much more compact. We put this camera in third place from our list of top 5 vlogging cameras in 2020.

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    Canon G7X Mark II

    Finally, we can’t leave out the Canon G7X Mark II. Although it is an older body from the rest on this list, it still performs so well that its worth mentioning. Yes, there is a Canon G7X Mark III, however, the issues it has with autofocusing has not been fully addressed therefore we don’t recommend it. The G7X Mark II is more superior in terms of autofocus. However, you do sacrifice a bit on the image quality but not by much. It is comparable in size as the Sony ZV-1 but costs quite a bit less. Highly recommend this camera for its small size and easily fits into a large pocket.

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