Sunday, June 13, 2021

    Cinema Grade Review — Seamless and Innovative Way to Color Grade

    Have you ever wanted to just isolate the skin tones or, perhaps, decrease the highlights in the sky to have the clouds come to life without having to guess which colors to isolate? Or, have you been trying to achieve the Hollywood filmic look in your videos without satisfaction? Well now you can do so extremely quickly and effortlessly with Cinema Grade.

    After connecting with the founder, Denver Riddle, himself to understand what the fuss was all about, I quickly learned how Cinema Grade could add value to my workflow in post production.

    What is Cinema Grade?

    Cinema Grade is an incredible, powerful plug-in for Final Cut Pro XAdobe Premiere Pro, and Davinci Resolve that easily enables you to grade your images directly in a large beautiful viewer like MAGIC! Also, it includes a False Color feature for nailing exposure each and everytime. I have never seen another tool like this on the market. The way it works is you make adjustments directly on the image itself! You have to honestly see it to believe it. I have included a video below that goes over both what Cinema Grade is and Cinema Grade allows you to do. It will put a smile on your face once you watch the first few minutes of the video. You will appreciate the power you gain from implementing this tool in your work flow of post production.
    Cinema Grade

    About the founder —Denver Riddle:

    Denver Riddle is a colorist and independent app developer. Some of his notable work is on Just Let Go (2015), Faith’s Song (2017) and Ascend (2014) where he held the role of a colorist in each of the films. With that in mind he has both the experience and wealth of knowledge to share with you.
    Cinema Grade

    Price of Cinema Grade?

    There are three versions of Cinema Grade — basic, pro and filmmaker. All of which have a 1-time cost associated to it and allows you to use the software for life. There are no subscription fees or anything like that, which I am never a fan of.
    Cinema Grade

    I highly encourage everyone to go with the filmmaker version as it includes Color Grading Academy which normally retails for $799, while Cinema Grade (Filmmaker) only costs $199. With Cinema Grade (Filmmaker) you also get a bunch of other bonuses for FREE such as:

    My final thoughts on Cinema Grade?

    Is it worth it? Absolutely! Why don’t you give it a try with the free 7-day trial? You have nothing to lose. You get the full version of the software without watermarks for 7-days. I am certain whether you are a beginner or professional, Cinema Grade will add value to your post production workflow.

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    Cinema Grade Review — Seamless and Innovative Way to Color Grade

    Have you ever wanted to just isolate the skin tones or, perhaps, decrease the highlights in the sky to have the clouds...

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