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    Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio Review | 20% OFF

    Initial Thoughts on The Filmmaker’s Guide To Audio:

    Wow! The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio by Brenden Bytheway is an incredible online course. The course provided me with the necessary skills to achieve Hollywood-level audio quality in my videos. Although The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio is geared toward the production value of audio in videos, the skills can easily be applied to music creation as well. In fact, Brenden Bytheway, aka That Audio Guy, Brendo, and Bytheway-May, is a multi-talented songwriter, producer, mixer, and audio engineer. Before creating The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio course, Brenden Bytheway has worked with some of the worlds renowned companies such as Adobe, Ellen DeGeneres, Canon, Ford, ToysRUs, and many more. His music has been heard by over 1 billion people and his songs were featured in some of the biggest TV shows!

    How The Filmmaker’s Guide To Audio Helped Me:

    I always had a passion for both filmmaking and songwriting. My biggest obstacle was understanding how to correctly mix a song over an instrumental. The idea was to make the vocals cut through the mix well enough to be heard, yet not overpowered. I knew the basic concepts such as compression, EQ, and  reverb. However, I didn’t have the actual knowledge of how to use the tools effectively. After taking The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio by That Audio Guy I successfully applied the skills I learned with amazing results!

    The Song I Mixed and Mastered Before Taking The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio by Brenden Bytheway:

    Song I Mixed & Mastered Before The Course

    As you can tell the song sounds amateur. Depending on the platform your using to listen the song with, it sounds great on certain speakers while horrible on others. I was exporting the song multiple times just so I can test how it sounded in my car vs. computer speakers. After numerous attempts I did not get my desired results.

    The Song I Mixed and Mastered After Taking The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio by Brenden Bytheway:

    G3LO – Never Come Down Ft. Corbett

    This song, however, sounds consistent across multiple platforms and got me the results I was looking for. I can now mix and master my own music and videos. I can also save a lot of time by doing it correctly the first time.

    What The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio by Brenden Bytheway Offers:

    The course offers lifetime access to over 14 hours of videos that will teach you all about achieving Hollywood-level audio production in videos. The course is always adding new content. All current and future content is available to you at a one-time fee.

    Some topics The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio covers include EQ, compression, how to fix noise in bad camera audio, how to fix scratching lav against clothing noise, and much more.

    The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio also provides its members with enormous discounts on many products. Some of which is listed below:

    • 60% OFF Adobe CC
    • Discounts on Glidecam
    • Discounts on Red Giant
    • Discounts on
    • Discounts on Soundstripe
    • Discounts on Rhino Sliders
    • Library of Sounds Effects
    • And much more!

    Snippet of whats inside Filmmakers Guide to Audio:

    Filmmaker's Guide To Audio

    If you are interested in taking the course, you can get it at 20% OFF using the link below!

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