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    Top 5 Most Successful Job Interview Tips

    Mr. Frugals has many years of experience interviewing for several Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 500 companies. This article is intended to help those who are struggling to succeed on landing a job. Whether you are extremely nervous during an interview or unsure of what you are doing wrong, I promise 5 top job interview tips below will help you get one step closer to succeeding on job interviews.

    Job Interview Tips #1: Prepare:

    One of the best job interview tips I can give you is to be prepared. Now, I don’t mean prepared for the interview questions themselves. Although that is important. What I mean by being prepared is to research the individuals you will be interviewing with. The low hanging fruit is to go on LinkedIn and get an idea of how they progressed in their career. More importantly, look at their interests, what school they went to, etc. You would be surprised how much you can learn about someone just by looking at their LinkedIn profile. This information can easily be leveraged during an interview.


    Mr. Lavish, who shows interest in educating youth on stress management on his LinkedIn, interviews Mr. Frugal who found this information out by being prepared and resourceful. At the end of the interview, Mr. Lavish invites Frugals to ask any questions. Mr. Frugals asks one question about the position itself and the other, a personal one about Mr. Lavish and his passion on educating youth on stress management. Mr. Lavish pleasantly surprised, entertains the question, and forms a stronger bond with Mr. Frugals over the other candidates almost instantaneously. The position is then offered to Mr. Frugals.

    Don’t under estimate these job interview tips. Although these job interview tips may seem basic, they are extremely powerful, and if used correctly, pay dividends. However, if you don’t know the person you are interviewing with, see if you can try and find out who they are from HR. If you don’t have the information, the next best thing is to research recent events the company participated in and leverage that information.

    Job Interview Tips # 2: Come with great questions:

    One of the second best job interview tips I can provide you with is to always come with questions you would like to ask the interviewer. Whether the questions are tailored to the interviewer(s) directly or broader company questions is irrelevant. Just make sure you come prepared with questions to ask. I suggest having at least five in your pocket. This may seem intuitive, but I cannot describe the numerous times I have seen individuals go on interviews and ask poor quality questions without much thought. Poor questions can be generic, not specific to the role, or just bad overall. I highly encourage you to read Top 5 Most Intriguing Job Interview Questions. There is something called latency bias. What this means in laymen terms is that people with latency bias tend to remember events that occurred most recent. Interviews are typically structured in such a way that at the end of most, you are provided with the opportunity to ask any questions. If you ask insightful, interesting questions that are memorable, you are increasing your chances of differentiating yourself from the rest of the candidates. Simply answering questions correctly is not enough to impress the interviewers. This is especially true with Fortune 500 or Global Fortune 500 companies. They see so many candidates and unfortunately, so much bias involved, that you must make a lasting impression! Well, now you can, by employing these top job interview tips.

    Job Interview Tips

    Job Interview Tips #3: Active Listening:

    One of the third best job interview tips is related to active listening. I know what you think. Isn’t this common sense? Who in the world would go to an interview without listening? You would be surprised! There is a difference between passive listening and actively listening. When you are actively listening, you are paying full attention to the speaker. With interviews, we tend to get nervous. We tend to try and think ahead to anticipate the questions that may be asked so we can immediately answer them and look competent. Please don’t make this mistake. While you are forward thinking, I guarantee you will miss the question entirely. There is nothing worse than having to ask the interviewer to repeat the question because you were not actively listening. Now, I must mention there is a caveat to this, it is totally okay to clarify a question by paraphrasing it to get clarity.

    The way you get better at active listening is through practice. Practice active listening by refraining your brain from wondering into the abyss while your eyes pierce the speakers rapidly moving lips. It’s a muscle you must train and an extremely important one. This skill will enable you to ask more appropriate questions from Tip #2. Even though you may come prepared with 5 questions, you may not have to utilize any of them, because from active listening you will develop unique and interesting questions while in the interview itself. And, your nervousness will become much less noticeable? Why, you ask? Well, because you’re occupied by actively listening, and it is difficult for you to multitask on both your nervous emotions and active listening. Try implementing these job interview tips on your next interview!

    Job Interview Tips #4: Make it a Conversation:

    One of the fourth best job interview tips is to turn an interview into a conversation. I know it’s hard to fathom or imagine because you may feel desperate to find a job so that you can get a pay check. But there are many other ways to get paid without working for someone else. Check out the Income Generating Ideas category of this blog for alternative ideas on how to make money working for yourself from the comfort of your home! You have only one goal on an interview. That is to connect and build a relationships. You must carry yourself as if the honor to be here is mutual and not one-sided. What this will do is showcase your confidence, while not appearing totally obnoxious. You are there to interview them as much as they are there to interview you. Remember, closing an interview is about mutual fit. It almost never has anything to do with the mechanics of the role for which you are applying to. Most of that can be taught on the job or learned relatively quickly. If you think of an interview as a conversation between two mutually interested parties, you will do a lot better. Understand that the company is interested in you if they invited you to the interview. The fact that you showed up shows you are interested in them. Hence, the two-way street. Don’t underestimate these job interview tips.

    Job Interview Tips #5: Answer with a STAR:

    One of the fifth best job interview tips is the STAR method in answering questions. The STAR method has proven to be the standard nowadays. However, many decide to ignore it and become ineffective interviewees. I highly suggest answering questions in the following manner:

    Situation – describe the situation

    Task – what goal were you working toward?

    Action – describe the actions you took to address the situation

    Result – describe the outcome of your actions and don’t be shy to credit yourself here

    Make sure to implement this strategy as part of the rest of the job interview tips discussed here.

    Putting all the Job Interview Tips Together:

    To put these job interview tips together, you need to be prepared with several questions while actively listening to others. This will set you apart from your competition drastically. Answer with the STAR method in mind and remember to keep it conversational. This will enable you to score multiple offers as you will exude likability, confidence, and competence.

    If any, or all these job interview tips were helpful to you. Please leave us a comment below. Let us know what worked and what didn’t. If you found success employing any of the above tips, let us know! Mr. Frugals would be delighted to hear about it. Also, be sure to check out our other articles that may be helpful to you such as Top 5 Questions to Ask on Job Interviews, How to Get an Interview, and Top 5 Tips on Landing a Job.

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