Sunday, June 13, 2021

    Sam Kolder Masterclass Review | Kolder Creative Review

    Sam Kolder Masterclass Review | Kolder Creative Review If you are like me, you are either a fan of Sam...

    Hyperflow Masterclass Course Review | Scott Herder

    I always had an appreciation and desire to learn how one makes buttery smooth timelapses or hyperlapses in camera. Especially, how to remove the flicker in your timelapses....

    Cinema Grade Review — Seamless and Innovative Way to Color Grade

    Have you ever wanted to just isolate the skin tones or, perhaps, decrease the highlights in the sky to have the clouds...

    Save 25% Off Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones

    Bose wireless headphones are on sale for a fantastic price! Great competitors to Apple AirPods. They are on sale today for 25%...


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    How the Full-Time Filmmaker Course by Parker Walbeck equipped me with the necessary skills to generate additional income to supplement my salary. Within 2-months I was able to obtain a corporate client and collaborate with other videographers.

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    Interested in getting a RED GIANT discount? You can get over 50% Off every time. This article discusses how I was able to purchase RED GIANT Shooter Suite Bundle for 75% off, paying $99 instead of $399.

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