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    Sam Kolder Masterclass Review | Kolder Creative Review

    Sam Kolder Masterclass Review | Kolder Creative Review

    If you are like me, you are either a fan of Sam Kolder or just want to elevate your filmmaking to a new level. I have been following Sam Kolder for many years as he began his YouTube channel. He developed a style that caught the attention of many people who wanted to learn his techniques in the editing room, flying FPV drones, and the business side. Interestingly enough, Sam Kolder himself just released Kolder Creative, which is Sam Kolder’s Masterclass. I was very excited at the opportunity and jumped right in to purchase the course. Below I will go over my honest review of Sam Kolder’s Masterclass.

    Kolder Creative

    Lets start off with what you get by joining the course:

    Lifetime Access:

    Once you’re a part of the Kolder Creative Tribe, you’re in it for life! The course starts with the fundamentals and constantly adds content to help you reach the next level as a filmmaker. More training, more discounts and more paid projects! The networking opportunity alone will pay this course off many times over.

    Private Facebook Group:

    The private Facebook group you gain access to is filling up quickly. The mentorship you gain inside not only from Sam Kolder and his team, but also other alumni who are courteous, knowledgable, and willing to help! This is another value added bonus that cannot be overseen when deciding whether to buy or not.

    Current Content:

    The content currently includes 10 modules with over 80 training videos that are extremely well put together. Sam Kolderhas a great teaching style to him. He is very clear, concise, and easy to understand. The buttery smooth transitions he makes, and his skill on FPV drones he goes over is insane. Sam Kolder also talks about the specific gear he uses and recommends. All of this is kept current and relevant as Sam Kolder updates the content of the course regularly. Below is a list of the modules that are currently on the course:

    1. Creative — “Learn Sam’s creative process, staying motivated and entering flow state.
    2. Shooting — “How to set up scene and capture the most unique shots with your gear.”
    3. Data Management — “How Sam manages his data to ensure you stay organization to succeed
    4. Premiere Pro — “Learn all of the tools Sam uses in Premiere and the best way to apply them to your videos.
    5. After Effects — “See how Sam creates his effects/transitions and learn how to bring any creative vision to life.
    6. Gear — “Take a look in Sam’s bag and see all the gear he uses and what he would purchase if he was starting out today.
    7. Technical — “Learn all of the features of your gear and how to use them.
    8. FPV — “Using DJI and FPV drones, setting up shots and editing the footage.
    9. Edit Breakdown — “Behind The Scenes of how Sam achieves his most famous transitions
    10. Business — “How to work with clients, pitch your work and get paid to create.

    Since Kolder Creative recently launched, there is much more content to come. Remember, by joining you get lifetime access to both current and future content.

    $35,000 in Paid Projects, Free gear, and Giveaways:

    This one is pretty exciting as well. As alluded to before, the networking opportunity to work with some of the best and brightest filmmakers in the industry is invaluable.

    By joining Kolder Creative, you can get your work in front of the biggest names in the industry! They partnered with top brands like Adobe, Canon, MVMT, Musicbed and DJI to offer you paid work, challengesdiscounts and gear giveaways. Expensive gear is a huge barrier to entry as a filmmaker, Sam Kolder wants to help change that. Every month they offer gear giveaways to help out the Kolder Creative community!

    Pitch Deck and E-mail Templates:

    Sam Kolder provides you his e-mail templates and goes over what is important in pitching businesses your services and what to leave out. This in itself will elevate your business and put you to the next level.

    Brand Partnerships / Gear Discounts:

    Sam Kolder partnered with some of the best brands within the filmmaking community. There is something for everyone. Below is a list of some of the brands you gain access to by joining the tribe either through discounts, giveaways, or paid projects.

    • DJI
    • Canon
    • MVMT
    • LUMIN8
    • LSKD
    • Zhiyun
    • DRL
    • B&H
    • RODE
    • Polar Pro
    • Glyph
    • Karat
    • Karmagawa
    • Adobe
    • GoPro
    • Musicbed
    • Syrp

    With more coming soon


    Sam Kolder Masterclass is currently on sale at 50% off until December 10, 2020 with 2 ways to pay. You can either pay a one-time fee of $799 USD or finance the course over 3 one-time payments at $279 USD. Although it may seem pricey at first, comparable courses go for much more. Additionally, film school itself costs a lot more and by the time you finish film school, the knowledge is already stale. You don’t get lifetime access of current and relevant content through film school. With Kolder Creative the content is kept current and relevant and is constantly updated.

    After December 10, 2020 the course price goes up to $1,499. Still a bargain for what you get access to!


    Overall I am enjoying the knowledge I am gaining, the people I am meeting, and the discounts I am taking advantage of. I think this course should be priced much higher for what you get. To conclude, I would rate this package a 5/5. The only con I see with this course today is that the price tag might push a few people away. But if you are passionate about filmmaking, make the investment and join Kolder Creative as it will pay off many times over with the value you recieve. And, if you implement the techniques and teachings, the initial investment will be a thing of the past!

    Join now at 50% off before the course increases to $1,499 USD clicking here.

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