Sunday, June 13, 2021

    The Daniel Wellington / MVMT Watch Hustle

    MVMT / Daniel Wellington Watch Scenario:

    I need a watch for my job interviews! Its critical to have a clean looking watch such as Daniel Wellington or MVMT because it shows timeliness. Although they are affordable, I just spent most of my money on my suit, shirt, and tie! Is there any way to get either an MVMT or Daniel Wellington watch?

    Option 1:
    Daniel Wellington$250.00
    Option 2:

     I believe that one of the best decisions one can make is to invest in themselves. Wearing a watch to an interview may seem unimportant, however, first impressions go a long way and the idea behind wearing a watch subtly suggests you care about being on time. An MVMT or Daniel Wellington watch is perfect for this case. But what would Mr. Frugals do?

    Mr. Frugals Approach to purchase the MVMT / Daniel Wellingonton watch:

    MVMT Watch

    Mr. Frugals leaned toward an MVMT watch as he appreciated its style. In addition, the MVMT watch was slightly less expensive compared to Daniel Wellington. Its important to note that a more subtle design, rather than an ‘in your face, baller status’ type of piece works best for interviews. The watch should compliment your overall image and shouldn’t distract the interviewer. The MVMT model in the image above was a great balance between elegant and subtle. That said, Mr. Frugals was short $100, yet purchased the MVMT watch. So, how did he do it?

    He went online and searched for ‘test drive gift card promotions’ on Google. There were two promotions available in his area. Both offered a $50 gift card from Amazon for test driving a vehicle from Jeep, and the other offered the same deal for test driving a vehicle from Infiniti. Guess what Mr. Frugals did next? Well, you may think you know the rest of the story, but you will be pleasantly surprised just how well it turned out if you keep reading.

    Mr. Frugals mapped out the trip so efficiently that both test drives from two different dealerships were on the way to a birthday he had to attend that day. What’s more, is he did the trip with his girlfriend!

    The Result:

    Mr. Frugals and his girlfriend both made $100 each worth of Amazon gift cards on the way to a birthday. He then sold $150 worth of Amazon gift cards at 93% to a local buyer leaving him a total cash value of $140. $100 to put towards his MVMT watch and $40 to put towards a dinner with his girlfriend or cover the gas tank! Although he could have easily put $140 towards the MVMT watch! 

    If you are in a pickle and would like advise from Mr. Frugals on your specific situation. Send us an e-mail at! We would love to help and feature your story so others can learn how to reach their goals!

    Disclaimer: we do not condone, advertise or recommend any of the techniques described on this website be used in any way shape or form. You, solely, are responsible for your own actions and we will not be held accountable for any consequences following your actions. The purpose of this blog is only to spark your imagination and get your gears spinning to expand and inspire the world of opportunities that may be applicable to you and your situation within the legal and ethical grounds of your respective laws that govern you.

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