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    Full Time Filmmaker Course Review

    The Full-Time Filmmaker Course has enabled me to earn extra income to supplement my existing businesses I currently have. Below, I discuss how I got started  and how you can also become Full-Time Filmmaker and earn money doing it either full- or part-time.

    How The Full-Time Filmmaker Course Gave Me a Positive Income:

    For a long time, I dreamed of making cinematic, corporate, real estate, and music videos. However, I neither had the necessary skills nor the time to search the web to learn them.

    I always envied well put together YouTube videos and wanted to be a creator myself. I drooled over beautiful cinematic wedding films such as those produced by Jake Wiesler or Guille – Gaucho Visual. So, I decided to see how much it would cost to enroll into film school.

    I preferred a structured type of approach where all the answers would be in one place so I can save time and hit the ground running swiftly. However, I quickly realized that film school was quite expensive. Luckily, I came across an online course called Full-Time Filmmaker by Parker Walbeck.

    Its important to understand the concept: “invest in yourself”. Any business requires an investment. As the old adage says: the higher risk, the larger reward. But what’s interesting is that by investing in yourself, you have full control of your own actions and how much effort you exert to make things happen. With Full-Time Filmmaker the reward is substantial, yet the risk is minimal. Any investor would agree that such opportunities are rare.

    So, I invested into the Full Time Filmmaker Course by Parker Walbeck and absorbed each lesson taught like a sponge. Within the first week in the course, I took out my 9-year old Canon T2i and produced a small video that took less than 25-minutes to film and less than 2-hours to edit.

    Full-Time Filmmaker in action

    Below is my first video I ever made without any prior knowledge to filmmaking. A week after enrolling into the Full-Time Filmmaker Course by Parker Walbeck I applied the knowledge I gained and produced the video below:

    Fast forward a couple more weeks, I began to use my video to showcase my skill to others. Within the first month, I was able to obtain a corporate client!

    I shot a 1-minute interview corporate video and edited it using the skills I learned from Full-Time Filmmaker. This job paid me $1,000. Combined with the education discounts offered inside Full-Time Filmmaker (RED GIANT at 50% OFF, Adobe Premier Suite at 60% OFF, Apple Education Pricing, Glidecam discounts, and many more), I not only paid off Full-Time Filmmaker, but also earned more money. Within the first month, I was cash flow positive from taking Parker Walbeck’s – Full-Time Filmmaker course and now I have a new business and an alternative income stream.

    If you are interested in enrolling in the Full-Time Filmmaker course and starting your own business on YouTube, corporate, real estate, music videos, weddings, travel, or any other category, I highly recommend you invest in the Full-Time Filmmaker course. You won’t be disappointed.

    Parker Walbeck’s teaching is amazing from the business side to the technical and creative. The content is constantly updated to stay current and relevant. The private Facebook group you gain access to upon signing up is extremely valuable and worth the price of the Full-Time Filmmaker course alone. In fact, I met some incredible mentors inside the Full-Time Filmmaker private facebook group. All members are extremely helpful from gear discounts to constructive feedback and more.

    If you have taken Full-Time Filmmaker, please share your experience with us in the comments below or send us an e-mail at We would be delighted to hear your success stories and even happy to share them on this post.

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