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    The Luxury Suit Hustle

    I need a Harry Rosen suit for my wedding! The issue is I have racked up a ton of student debt and have several payments due for the wedding itself. Expenses specifically ranging from hiring a videographer to flowers, banquet, ceremony costs, and much more. I need to cover over $10,000 USD in 6-months for the wedding alone. With the wedding taking place in Jamaica while earning an income in Canada, the payments in USD don’t help my financial situation much either. Purchasing a Harry Rosen suit seems out of the question!

    Made-to-measure Suit$1,380.00
    Black Silk Lapels$75.00

    After consulting with several friends, colleagues, and family members for a solution to purchase the Harry Rosen suit, the consensus leaned toward either a less expensive vendor (i.e., Indochino) or a purchase off the rack plus alteration. All reasonable alternatives, however, none of which satisfied either Mr. Frugals. He was determined to purchase the Harry Rosen suit.

    Mr. Frugals Approach to Purchasing the Harry Rosen Suit:

    Mr. Frugals had his mind set on the Harry Rosen suit without compromise. After all, it’s his special day and he deserves to look good in the way he desires! So, why can’t he have what he have the Harry Rosen suit? Well, for one, the lack of funding is quite a large set-back. Yet, who said we can’t be clever in accomplishing our goal through a little hustle? Remember, there is no shortage to ones ambitions. Drop the lazy mentality and make it happen! You don’t necessarily have to make a 6-figure salary to afford a Harry Rosen suit. When there is a will, there is always a way. Hence, a three-step process was taken to acquire the Harry Rosen suit – articulate the goal, negotiate, and initiate the hustle.

    Articulate the Goal:

    Without compromise, Atlier Munro suit with black lapels quoted at $1,644.15 (including taxes) at Harry Rosen was decided on. There was no alternative.


    Who said you can’t negotiate the price? Well, the store manager. Most individuals would stop here. If you are one of those individuals, I must ask whether you heard of the following quote:

    When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us” – Alexander Graham Bell

    We strongly believe in the quote above wholeheartedly. And so, the journey begins. Mr. Frugals reached out to the vendor, Atelier Munro, directly and started the Frugals Negotiation Process. Just so were clear, Atelier Munro, at the time of this writing, was (and still is?) exclusively sold through Harry Rosen.

    The Hustle:

    To supplement the negotiation to further lower the cost is to purchase Harry Rosen gift cards from individuals for a discount. There are plenty of sources to do this. In Canada, you can use a combination of resources such as, RedFlagDeals, Kijiji, and Facebook Marketplace. In the USA you can use, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Combined with Frugals Negotiation Process, you can achieve, on average, as much as 20% off the gift cards total value. What’s neat is, there are people constantly trying to get rid of gift cards who would otherwise rather have cash. After all, ‘cash is king’.

    But let us not stop there! How about we expand to broaden our search beyond Harry Rosen gift cards. Let’s explore Prepaid Visa’s, mall gift cards, and even consider trading your existing gift cards for any of the aforementioned cards.

    The Result:

    Mr. Frugals clearly articulated his goal, negotiated well, and hustled hard to achieve incredible results. We commend him for his work and would love to inspire each of our readers that everyone’s Plan B should be another way to make their Plan A work.

    Mr. Frugals negotiated the Harry Rosen suit down to $1,469 (taxes included) from speaking directly with Atlier Munro. In addition, he hustled by trading 3 unwanted gift cards to a local steakhouse restaurant valued at $600 total and traded them for mall gift cards in which Harry Rosen was located. Moreover, he purchased $900 worth of gift cards at 25% off from someone who would rather have cash than be tied down to a specific store (i.e., Harry Rosen). In result, Mr. Frugals ended up purchasing his Harry Rosen suit for a total of $651.75!

    Harry Rosen suit

    If you are in a pickle and would like advise from Mr. Frugals on your specific situation. Send us an e-mail at! We would love to help and feature your story so others can learn how to reach their goals!

    Disclaimer: we do not condone, advertise or recommend any of the techniques described on this website be used in any way shape or form. You, solely, are responsible for your own actions and we will not be held accountable for any consequences following your actions. The purpose of this blog is only to spark your imagination and get your gears spinning to expand and inspire the world of opportunities that may be applicable to you and your situation within the legal and ethical grounds of your respective laws that govern you.

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