Sunday, June 13, 2021

    The Microsoft Surface Pro Hustle

    I need a Microsoft Surface Pro for school! I can’t afford it as it’s outside my budget. What can I do?!

    Surface Pro 6$2,429.00
       Intel Core i7 
       16GB RAM 

    A laptop was a mandatory requirement to attend the university for which Mr. Frugals decided to enroll in. Hence, the choice was simply whether to get a Microsoft Surface or an alternative notebook. So, what did Mr. Frugals do?

    Mr. Frugals Approach with the Microsoft Surface Pro 6:

    Microsoft Surface Education Pricing

    Mr. Frugals decided to initially pick the low hanging fruit – education pricing for the Microsoft Surface Pro. This provided $200 off immediately without doing much work. However, he knew he could do much better. He began to search local sellers to see who was selling the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 that matched the criteria noted in the breakdown section of this post. Surprisingly, he found an individual selling a brand new Microsoft Surface Pro 6 at a steep discount with an official receipt.

    At first glance, it seemed a bit ‘fishy’ as to why someone would be selling a brand-new Microsoft Surface Pro 6 for such a low cost; however, upon further investigation, this individual was purchasing the unit at an employee discount. Combining the Frugals Negotiation Approach with a Frugals Volume Discount Approach, Mr. Frugals purchased two Microsoft Surface Pro 6 units from the seller! Wait, what?! 2 units? But, why?! Well, read on as it’s about to get interesting.

    The Result:

    Initially 1 unit was negotiated for $1,800. That alone was an incredible deal for a brand-new unit, which was recently released. However, Mr. Frugals knew he could do better. He asked the seller whether he can get more units. And, to Mr. Frugals delight, that was the case. He offered the seller $3,000 to purchase both units ($1,500 each). Upon purchase, the seller’s allocation to obtain more units at the employee rate was no more. So, Mr. Frugals put one of the units he purchased back on the marketplace and sold it for $2,200. This left Mr. Frugals with a net cash outflow of $800 for a brand new, with full-warranty, Microsoft Surface Pro 6.

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