Sunday, June 13, 2021

    The RED GIANT Shooter Suite Hustle


    I enrolled in Full-Time Filmmaker Course by Parker Walbeck to learn to film music videos. However, the amount of time I wasted syncing together audio and video was taking up too much of my time. The time I spent tinkering with syncing multiple clips from multiple cameras could easily be avoided. Don’t forget that time is money! I need to figure out a more efficient way to do this. The best program out there that I have found to do this seamlessly and automatically in no time is called PluralEyes by RED GIANT. The software comes as part of the Shooter Suite bundle by RED GIANT as well. However, its $399. I cannot afford it at this time. So, what can I do? Is there a RED GIANT discount?

       Shooter Suite$399

    Many people need to understand that you must use all the resources you have to your advantage. One of such resources in this scenario is Full-Time Filmmaker Course by Parker Walbeck. The reason it plays a key advantage here, is because Parker Walbeck offers 50% off of all RED GIANT software. The RED GIANT discount is quite something.

    Mr. Frugals Approach:

    Although it may seem obvious and unsurprising that Mr. Frugals approach was to use the RED GIANT discount available through the Full-Time Filmmaker Course by Parker Walbeck, what is astonishing is the timing of it.

    Mr. Frugals waited until RED GIANT would have a public sale of either the Shooter Suite bundle or a company wide sale. Fortunately, a public RED GIANT discount was offered within the first few weeks of contemplating whether to buy the software. The flash sale was actually shared by one of the Full-Time Filmmaker members inside the private Facebook group offered  to those who are part of the course. A member posted the RED GIANT discount below:

    Red Giant Discount

    The Result:

    A RED GIANT discount was offered through a 50% flash sale for the Shooter Suite bundle. How coincidental? This brought the price down to $199 which is already an incredible deal. But lets not forget the additional RED GIANT discount of 50% that’s offered to members of Full-Time Filmmaker. Can we really double dip here? Absolutely! Mr. Frugals was able to apply the additional RED GIANT discount to obtain life-time access to the full Shooter Suite bundle for $99! That is a whopping $300 in savings! Be sure to read how amazing the Full-Time Filmmaker Course is and how you can make money by creating videos for clients who may need videos for their business.

    Red Giant Discount

    If you’re interested to enroll in Full-Time Filmmaker and take advantage of the RED GIANT discount and many more, click here to get 25% OFF the full course:

    If you are in a pickle and would like advise from Mr. Frugals on your specific situation. Send us an e-mail at! We would love to help and feature your story so others can learn how to reach their goals!

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