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    Top 5 Best Interview Questions to Ask on Job Interviews

    Mr. Frugals has many years of experience interviewing for several Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 500 companies. This article is intended to help those who are struggling to ask the best interview questions. I promise you will find something useful here. Below is a curated list of the best interview questions that you can ask and are intended to increase your chances of getting hired. After trial and error of different questions on hundreds of job interviews, below are the top 5 best interview questions that paid dividends in one way or another.

    Best interview questions #1 -

    Best Interview Questions #1: “May I get your business card?”

    This is one of the best interview questions you can ever ask at the end of your interview. Before you walk out, make sure you ask the interviewer for their business card. All too often I see this question is forgotten to be asked. Unfortunately, it’s a lost opportunity. The purpose of it is to connect with the hiring manager post interview to send a thank you note, follow-up on whether the job was filled, etc. It is extremely important to have the hiring managers contact details. If it is a panel interview, you may rephrase the question as follows: “May I get all of your business cards before I head out?”. It seems so trivial but many either forget to ask or are often too nervous to ask. Not only does it show interest, but also provides you an incredible advantage over the other candidates. I strongly believe this to be one of the best interview questions available.

    Best Interview Questions #2: “If hired, what can I do in the first 90 days to meet your objectives for your performance review?”

    This is a great question to have in your back pocket. It may feel awkward at first, but with practice, you can confidently articulate it. The goal here is to showcase that you are not there to just get a job. You are there to be a team player and to bring VALUE to the organization. More importantly, the answer will give you greater insight about the role itself.

    Best Interview Questions #3: “What keeps you motivated to come to work every day?”

    This question provides the interviewer the opportunity to express what makes him love about his job. It also showcases that you are interested to know more about them specifically and change the tone of the interview from yourself onto them. It creates a healthy balance at the end of the interview. Use it if you don’t have anything specific to ask about your interviewer from the preparation you did as discussed in Frugals Top 5 Most Successful Job Interview Tips.

    Best Interview Questions #4: “What are the next steps?”

    Like Question #1, this one is increasingly overlooked. Many times, candidates leave the interview without an idea of what the next steps are. Whether they weren’t actively listening during the time it was explained, or it was simply not mentioned, asking this question will alleviate a lot of ambiguity down the road. Especially, when deciding between tow offers, but one has not yet come in.

    Best Interview Questions #5: “From research, I noticed you ______”

    As discussed in Tip #2 of Top 5 Most Successful Job Interview Tips, finding something specific to the interviewer set you miles apart from the rest of the candidates. If you are unable to find out who you interviewer is, active listening is a great skill to implement as a back-up. Almost always you can find something specific to ask about the individual by truly listening to them during the interview. For example, “I noticed you speak well, could talk about where you learned to speak eloquently? I believe it’s a very important skill to have in this line of work and you do it extremely well”. Not only have you complimented the interviewer in a question, but you also showed genuine interested in them to act as a coach or mentor.

    If any of these best interview questions were helpful to you. Please leave us a comment below. Let us know what worked and what didn’t. If you had success with other questions, please leave us a comment below or connect with us at so we can keep this list updated. Also, be sure to check out our other articles that may be helpful to you such as Top 5 Most Successful Job Interview Tips, How to Get an Interview, and Top 5 Tips on Landing a Job.

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