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    Top 5 Tips on Landing a Job

    To land a job in today’s competitive economy is not easy. The article below is intended to help those who are struggling or need guidance to land a job. Mr. Frugals has many years of experience interviewing for several Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 500 companies.

    Landing a job tip #1: Networking

    “Networking” is often associated with someone who is looking to land a new job. For some reason, networking is often feared by many. But it doesn’t have to be. Mr. Frugals used to despise networking events. It wasn’t enjoyable. However, when his perspective shifted towards what networking was all about, networking became more of a learning experience rather than a chore. Let me explain.

    Networking not only teaches you how to get out of your comfort zone by socializing with new and interesting people, but also exposes your imperfections. Such imperfections can easily be polished through practice. For example, when Mr. Frugals first attended networking events, he was insecure about asking the ‘right’ questions. Such a feeling is quite unpleasant and brings out your insecurities.

    Nonetheless, he continued to push himself out of his comfort zone, and quickly learned how to ask intriguing, thought provoking questions. Practice makes perfect. Finding a job is about building and maintaining relationships. Networking is one tool that increases your chances in landing a job. So what’s your first step? Begin by signing up for local networking events in your field of interest. The next step is to attend them! The best way to learn is to learn from others by mimicking them until you develop your own style.

    Landing a job tip #2: Coffee Chats

    Coffee chat to land a job

    Coffee chats is quite common in the western world. If you have not done a coffee chat before, it may feel awkward to request one the first time around. Essentially, coffee chats are another form of networking. The difference is, instead of having hundreds of people in one room, you are typically speaking with one person. Asking others to join you over a coffee is a fantastic way to build relationships, grow your network, and land your next job.

    Initially ask each person you chat with to provide you with feedback. But make sure not to put everyone’s opinion into action, unless you notice you are getting similar feedback from multiple sources.

    Also, never ask for a job during a coffee chat or a networking event! Typically, people understand why your there. Instead, ask whether there is anyone else they can recommend you speak with to learn more about a specific job. With this strategy, your network will grow extremely fast. Maintain the relationships that you believe you connected well with. That way, as soon as a new role opens, you will be able to leverage those relationships to get one step closer in landing your next job!

    Landing a job tip #3: Alumni Network

    If you went to a college or university, please leverage your Alumni Network! It’s the low hanging fruit. I see too many people dismiss this strategy. In fact, the ones that do it well, certainly achieve great results. Never underestimate your alumni network in finding your next job. Start by asking members from your Alumni Network for coffee chats. Alumni Networks are a great training ground, especially if you are new to networking, as they tend to be more forgiving if you make any mistakes.

    Landing a job tip #4: LinkedIn

    As discussed in “How to Get an Interview,” LinkedIn is a powerful tool. If you don’t already have an account, I highly suggest you create one. Leverage LinkedIn to its fullest potential. Connect with individuals, even if you have never met them. Once you connect with one individual on LinkedIn, you can connect with everyone in their network. Its extremely powerful in helping you land a job. The more connections you have on LinkedIn the more resources you have at your disposal. Be sure to read my post on “How to Get an Interview” for several LinkedIn techniques and strategies you can use.

    Landing a job tip #5: Diversify Your Experience

    The first job is always the hardest. How does someone get experience without having it in the first place? It becomes sort of like a chicken and egg problem. Well, there are several things you can do! You can start-off as ‘self-employed’ and put such job experience on your resume. It shows entrepreneurship, ambition, drive, among many other traits. Check out my articles in the “Income generating ideas” category for more suggestions.

    Another technique is to invest in yourself to stand out from the competition. For example, you could purchase Course Creator Pro from Parker and Dakota Walbeck to create a course that teaches others about a specific topic your interested in. You don’t have to be a teacher to do this. Plus, you will be able to generate a potentially lucrative income. From there, you can then speak about your experience of how you grew your own business in a short period of time. Or, how you coach others on the specific topic your course is about. You can then add the experience in your resume on how you brought “$X” of sales in “X number of months. The opportunities are endless and only up to how far you’re willing to take it!

    Did I mention it’s also easier to find a new job while you are “employed”? Start off by calling yourself a ‘teacher’, ‘coach’, or ‘mentor’ who is presently self-employed but looking for a new challenge!

    If any, or all these tips were helpful to you. Please leave us a comment below. Let us know what worked and what didn’t. If you found success employing any of the above tips, let us know! Mr. Frugals would be delighted to hear about it. Also, be sure to check out our other articles that may be helpful to you such as Top 5 Questions to Ask on Job Interviews, How to Get an Interview, and Frugals Top 5 Most Successful Job Interview Tips

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